Wednesday, January 6, 2010

La certezza dell'incertezza...

(Photo: "The Burning  Flame Peeps Out..."by Willothepooh)

I was browsing through Marina Mahathir's blog at The article interested me because it seemed to parallel very closely the thoughts of many "confident people" I've talked with. To begin with, I've been always admiring Mirina's writings, not to mention the courage of her convictions in addressing many sensitive issues that majority of people would otherwise brush aside or blowout it unnecessarily. The article, written in a simple yet confident tone, reveals that she is indeed one of the few exceptional thinkers in today's Malaysia. Her point is straight forward but unfortunately some commentators seemed to have carried away with their personal sentiments.. sometimes deliberately crossed the line of blogging ethics. Others, in their attempt to project a rather vague opinion, exposed not only their confusion about the real issue but the ignorance of possibly harmful consequences of their comments to the whole nations of Malaysia. In any case, I couldn't help but to notice "la certezza dell'incertezza" (the certainty of the uncertainty)... What could be next? Would there be more induced riots? Would there be more political dramas? Would there be truly OneMalaysia? Would there be more insecurities...?? Or should I ask... would anyone care to pray with me for Malaysia, Tanah Air Ku?


Stella O.K. said...

father..sya betul2 disappointed oh.. adaka drg p bakar 3 gereja sana KL..deii..what happen sdh la ni malaysia..


Very sad Stella.. it's truly a shame to the whole nation of Malaysia. But let's not loss hope.

chingchuirom said...

Hi Wil,
Gone through your stories. Very impressive. Keep up. We can and must reach out, anyway best we can.


Hello Isaac..
Thanks for visiting my blog.. I'm yet to find time to commit myself on blogging thingy. But as you said.."we must reach out" :)

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