Saturday, January 2, 2010

All things have their season...

Omnia tempus habent et suis spatiis transeunt universa sub caelo
Tempus nascendi et tempus moriendi tempus plantandi et tempus evellendi quod plantatum est
Tempus occidendi et tempus sanandi tempus destruendi et tempus aedificandi
Tempus flendi et tempus ridendi tempus plangendi et tempus saltandi
Tempus spargendi lapides et tempus colligendi tempus amplexandi et tempus longe fieri a conplexibus
Tempus adquirendi et tempus perdendi tempus custodiendi et tempus abiciendi
Tempus scindendi et tempus consuendi tempus tacendi et tempus loquendi
Tempus dilectionis et tempus odii tempus belli et tempus pacis
Quid habet amplius homo de labore suo?

I thought it would be good to begin this New Year with a personal meditation on this scriptural text.. "There is a time for everything.."(Ecclesiastes 3: 1-9)  The background photo was taken at 00.00 (GMT+01:00) last night 01.01.2010. I was in Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi watching the Italians welcoming the New Year. It was an attempt to snap some fireworks but the figure of the lady was unintentionally captured. Allora... (Italian word for 'now/so/then') ..must say that the inadvertent focus has enhanced this otherwise distorted photo. I couldn't help but to wonder how small unexpected thing could really make a  great difference.. (^__^) ...and it confirms to me again and again that "there is a time for everything and there is a reason for everything"  :))


Stella O.K. said...

wah..cantik o tu pic... :)

Stella O.K. said...

mcm samar2 tu pic tu Fr.. nda berapa jelas, tp org bilang ada seni.. hehe. Unintentionally captured pla tu kan..

Happy new Year Fr wil.. May GOD bless u now and forever.. :)


Abstract kan.. :)) Happy New Year too Stella.

Victoria Vainee said...

Beaufitul reflection..
At first glance of the picture, I thought its a picture of a lady in distress or crying over something as there appeared to be smokes all around, it looked like she is caught in a middle of a gunfire..the picture paints a thousand words..


..right Vicky. The picture paints a thousand words :)


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